Taylor Swift

Out of the Woods

Every morning, my day begins with a healthy dose of coffee and Taylor Swift. In case you haven’t noticed, Taylor Swift only sings love songs. Bad Blood? Love song. Welcome to New York? Love song. Everything is a love song. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

This morning, I thought it would be hilarious to categorize the songs in her latest album, 1989.

Shake it Off

Each song in 1989 covers multiple topics. Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t just sing about Starbucks. The following is a chart illustrating the number of times a topic appears in an album.

Total references per song

Top three topics?

  1. A broken heart
  2. That love drives her crazy
  3. That her relationships are rocky


Let’s see how often a topic appears at the same time as others in a song.

Topic Correlation

That dark red square shows that she takes the intiative to break up with the guy whenever she is in a shitty relationship (and then sings about it). Go Taylor.

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